sábado, setembro 23, 2006

A minha vida é uma história em 3 partes: Terceira


My life is a story in 3 parts: Third.

Sometimes I feel sad for not being able to share my thoughts with others because of the language barrier. But I feel that i can't write with the same feeling in a language other than my own beloved portuguese. However, there's something magical when we can communicate a feeling, establish a connection with someone, even with all these difficulties.
So I'm breaking my "I'm only writting"portuguese code of honor", to thank a very special blogger whom I had the pleasure of knowing. To thank her for saying things that seem to come out of my own head, for being honest and intelligent, and so very very kind.

Thank you Sara, for being on the "other side" of the computer, reading. I'm on this side reading too.

I found this quote today on the subway, by accident. It means something like "It is when we find ourselves in a standstill that we have the possibility to act and invent." I don't know if i find it uplifting or simply scary.


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